Monday, February 25, 2008

Yay! I've met my end of March goal :D

One of the positive things that I incorporate into my life these past few months is exercise. I've been trying to exert more effort to add physical activities to my day. My goal was to reach 122 Ibs by end of March. Guess what? I weighed earlier and I'm 121.6 Ibs. Yay! My weight when I started was 129.3 Ibs and that was four months ago. It was definitely a slow process but I don't mind it! Go me! To all of us, we can definitely do it!


saxifraga said...

well done! congrats on the weight loss. I'm also getting back into the exercise routine I established in the fall but fell out of when trying (and failing) to meet a publication deadline.

JustMe said...

congrats. exercise is a great thing at add to your life. it has so many benefits. great job on the weight loss.